dinsdag 12 november 2013

Baby are you down!?

Oh guys.
You know that feeling when you think nobody likes you?
That you can do exactly nothing!?
That you're not good at anything!?
I bet we all do.
This sort of periods are FRUSTRATING AND NOT NICE.
I don't want to stick to these feelings!

I would like to say that people who feel this way SHOULDN'T agree with any negativity anybody had on you. Just believe in yourself, you are who you are, you never need to change that.
I am feeling down for a long time now, but I shouldn't.
Me is who I am, me is who I'm gonna be.
I should accept that.
Anybody is good at something.
Anybody can do something great for others.

Maybe we should give eachother a group hug!?
A big big big hug!
Anyone any other tips!?
I want to continue this subject, but since I have a singing audition tommorow I guess I'll have to go to sleep now...

Great wishes for all of you guys :* :*

Love you!

X Maartje