zondag 28 april 2013

Galaxy nail art tutorial

Hey guys I have a little tutorial for you!
I was bored so I made myself galaxy nails!
And it's really simple, so I'm gonna try to explain it as good as possible to you!

Here's all you need! A dark glitterish colour, a top coat, a silver polish, a light polish (I took gargantuan green grape by O.P.I), a white polish, a bright polish ( I took a red colour by claire's) and a glitter topcoat (I used a golden glitter one  by HEMA). You also need a little piece of a make - up sponge and a pencil with a sharp point, Instead of the pencil you can use a nail art pen either!

 Let's start up with the base. As your nails are all un-polished, you're gonna apply two thin layers of your dark glitterish colour! I used number 15 by W7. Let it dry througly, otherwise the rest of your nail art is gonna fail and it'll be less pretty.
 When your nails got dry, you get your make- up sponge piece, this you're gonna use to apply the galaxy forms and I'm gonna tell you how.
 You pick your silver polish and put it all over your sponge. you push with your sponge a few times on random places on your nails. This is giving your nail a galaxy look and you bright colour will appear better and brighter.
 As soon as that is dry, you get your bright colour and put it also on your make-up sponge. you push it a little over your silver places, and a little next to that, you see it'll look a lot like galaxy by then!
 The same you're gonna do with the light colour, to fill your nails a little. Make sure you still see the base coat a little bit!
 Yeah, we're gonna make the stars now! pick your white colour and your pencil or nail art pen, and put little white dots in different sizes all over your nails, make sure you don't put too much dots.

 Dry, dry, dry! And when that's done, top coat! It'll look more glamoury, the colours will look brighter and with more depth. Haha the gravity in space will show all over your galaxy nails;)
 You can leave it like this, or you can put the glitter top coat all over your nails, it'll give a more spacy look but you can leave it out if you want!
Now you're done! I hope you liked the tutorial! Sorry that I don't have pictures of the nails during all of this, the next time I will put them in, but this time I completely forgot about that!
Hope it worked out, leave comments if you have ideas for me, or if you tried this, did it work out?! You can leave a picture also if you want!
Much fun!
X Maartje

maandag 22 april 2013

Boyfriend TAG

Well guys this is the lovely boyfriend TAG!
I don't have a boyfriend.... But!!! I made it for the person who I'm in love with! Haha really weird but it was fun! Hope you like it! 

he's sitting in front of the tv what is on the screen?
probably that one crime serie now..
you're out to eat what kind of dressing does he get on his salad
uhmm yeah I don't now that! Hahaha ceasar dressing??

whats one food he doesnt like
much fooooood. He hasn't eaten sushi ever yet!!!
you go out to eat and have a drink what does he order
uhmm.. Apple juice?! 
what size shoe does he wear
I guess 43

if he was collecting anything what would it be
things with his love, 'history'
what is his favorite type of sandwich
just bread with honey on it, something like that?!
what would this person eat everyday if he could
mymy.. Apple pie?!

what is his favorite cereal
whats his fav music
music I don't like much;) (dutch singer)  but Michael BublĂ© he doesn't hate, so that's a good thing!

whats his fav sports team
hockey or sport with horses
whats his eye color
who's his best friend
I AM:D hahaha no I don't know
what is something you do that he wishes you wouldnt
uhmm.. giving presents?! He doesn't like me giving presents to him...

whats his heritage/where he's from
the Netherlands, veeeerrryy original
you bake him a cake for his bday what kind of cake
Haahaha apple cake ofcourse
did he play any sports
so far I know hockey and riding with the horses
what could he spend hours doing
searching for history things, watch his serie or ahum.. laying on anything

what is one unique talent he has

really caring about everyone, being there for anyone. And he's incredibly good at working hard and with many seperate things, like more things but he's got time for them all

Hope you liked it! Leave a comment, does your crush or boyfriend look like anyone like this?!
X Maartje

zaterdag 20 april 2013

Your opinion: body and sex?! (this is all about you so leave comments, you can make it anonymous!)

This post is all about your opinion!

What do you think about body and sex? Some people think sex is just a thing that you do with everybody, but is that the meaning of it?

I think you only do it with someone you really love! But what do you think?

Is body appearence important in the way you love? Do you judge people on how they look?

And body, is fat ugly?! Or is skinny? I myself am not fat (not realy skinny, let me say I have not a really curvy figure, but I do have some kind of curves.. sort of.. ), but curves can be really pretty! What's your opinion?! 

Let me know what you think of it, it's something really personal but it's something you should really think about in life, don't you think?!

Which do you think it the prettiest?! Let me know, this is all about your opinion!
X Maartje

My time to judge?!

No. It is totally not.

I hate people who judge! Why don't you keep yourself busy with your own things?! If you have something to say which is gonna help people, like: your hair looks a little weird..
Just because you don't want your friend to walk around with weird hair, that's okay!
But things like that your ugly or weird or nerd, or just rude things that way, just do me a favour and don't say such things....

Men oftenly judge women on their appearence.. You think this is right?! Maybe that girl who looks a little uglier than that other girl, is just the right person for you and you just think: eww...
Women and men have their own inner beauty.. I understand your more attracted to someone who's really pretty but that's just unfair, because if you have a weird nose, there's nothing you can do about it.
If you think plastic surgerie now: NO NEVER AN OPTION! Don't change yourself, people must like you for who you are, and there's always someone on earth who loves you for your heart!
Most people want to change themselves because of judgement.. It takes time to trust yourself that must you are not going to change yourself. I know it, I've been trough it. And now I accept myself more I see that I'm not the ugliest girl who lives, I'm not that girl without friends.. I learned to be more fearless, when you trust yourself, others are gonna trust you. Then you're gonna love yourself, and before that happens, it's sort of impossible for others to love you! Accepting yousrself is very important in your own life story, it's gonna help you thriugh!

How do you see yourself? Do you think your worthless? Do you accept the way you are? Do you think people love you or not?
Leave a comment, I'm curious to know and I'll reply how I think about your comment!

Never let yourself down, help others but always love yourself!
X Maartje

zondag 14 april 2013

How Love Feels

Actually the new song I wrote a few days ago is called like this, but today I really want to talk to you aout my love life.. In like all years..

It all started with some childish love that you hold hands and you feel like OMG we are so together, but you're actually being like six years old or something, I guess everyone must have had a love like this!
When I started to grow a little older I was going to parties, and you know there are a lot of people kissing on that kind of parties, I was like fourteen years old.
With my friend I went to a party, and when the time came we must leave, we both said: okay, we won't leave before we have kissed someone! I said: yeah, well.. If there's just now two boys falling out of the air and want to kiss us..
Well, that actually happened! We both were just afterwards like smiling, not talking, only thinking: OMG I've been kissed, just one second ago!
But that summer vacation I went to Thailand with my family, we went on a road trip for three weeks, with a group. In that group was a guy, seventeen years old and I was still fourteen.
I was a little like I wanted to have a boyfriend on vacation, just on vacation.
He told me he liked me, and I said; well I like you too!
I didn't believe him but he was a little claiming me sometimes, he immediately said he wanted to be my boyfriend back home also. He said he loved me, I feel really bad about it but I just didn't feel that way! Everytime I didn't have time for him he went mad, and one time he came to my school and that was it for me, I said we'd better be just friends, and he left, and if I talk to him now he's just being very mean and stupid, so I don't keep myself busy with that anymore..

But what's going on NOW, I'm gonna tell you..
This was the first time I fell in love, on a kind of irregular way. I don't know why but it's already lasting more than a year! I can't stop thinking about him, although I know it's never going to work out..
At first I didn't even see him, but ever when I started to talk to this guy, I just couldn't stop contacting him as much as I could. But the reason why I know it's never going to work out, is because he is in a very strong relationship.

I don't know why he keeps contacting me, I talk to him very often, but you know.. Sometimes I think he likes me, but yeah.. He has a girlfriend who he's really in love with..
But sometimes he's just going to far for someone who doesn't give a shit about me and that confuses me so much! When you get handholding, sweet messages and just in the way he isn't susposed to do when you're not in a relationship.. And this is lasting for such a long time! Get me why I'm confused much?!

How is it going with your love life? Do you have problems or questions about it?!
Leave a comment!
X Maartje

zaterdag 13 april 2013

My experience with GHOSTS

This was one weird day. Two days ago happened something really weird, and I wanted to share this with you.
First we went doing homework, but when one of our friends went home,
we decided we wanted to do a little thing like getting connected with ghosts or spirits..

We were trying to get connected with people who don't live anymore, weird idea.. I don't know why, but it attracts me, because it seems to be something that doesn't exist!

But we were trying to get connected, and first nothing happened..
We tried another time but still nothing happened.
The next time we asked if there was a ghost in the room, our glass turned to 'YES'. 
We were kind of shocked. 

So than we asked who it was, again our glass started to move, to the letters 'M-A-X'.
Well, kind of fun for Max.. But who was it?! We asked if he was been killed. 'NO'.

Okay, how did Max die then?
We asked that and there it was.. Max told us how he died: 'D-R-U-G-S'.
Why then? 'F-R-I-E-N-D-G-A-V-E-M-E-T-O-O-M-U-C-H'.
We again were kind of shocked, a friend of his just gave him so much drugs he died..

What we wanted to know next was if he was a bad ghost.. 'YES' came out. I kind of tripped. Again we asked it, different way: is this a good ghost? 'NO'.
My friend started to cry, she was really scared and we both wanted to stop.
We heard that you should ask if you may go, otherwise the ghost will be mad or get you madly insane. I heard people died of things like this; REALLY scary!

We asked if we may go, 'NO' got out and we both were really scared something would happen. We asked if there could be a sign if you couldn't go.

The lights turned off.

A scream followed, I hope it was my friend but she said she wasn't. We couldn't see anything, and without asking if we may go, we just stopped because this was getting us too much.
That night we couldn't sleep at all.. Everything we heard was from the ghost, we thought.
At once, we both wake every night at 5:17 AM now, we never don't. It always happened. I hope this is not Max the bad ghost who is trying to get us mad, cause it's really creeping me out..
Do you have any experiences with ghosts or things like that?!
Leave a comment!

woensdag 10 april 2013

Looks: hot or not?!

So |I found some looks and I am gonna say what I think about it but I would like you to say what YOU think about it! Levae comments:)
This looks are all looks that I won't wear I guess, I don't know why but some of them are pretty, I'll let you know!

First one: which dress is prettier?! I agree with the thumb up for Miley Cyrus, I think that's just a pretty dress. Nice colours, looks good with her skin , figure and eyes. The dress of Christina instead makes her look a little fat I think. The colour makes her a little pale.. Let's say it doesn't make her figure stand out.
 Another one of Miley. Well, honestly I think this dress is really ugly.. I love Miley, don't get me wrong.. But this dress makes her look like she just got no curves, but she does! And that's pretty! The cut outs doesn't flatter her, I think there are too much of them.. If there were just a few of them on her waste, I think it would've looked way prettier! The top of the dress.. Well.. I think it's a pretty good idea, but if it didn't have sleeves, it would've looked so much nicer I guess..
 Next oneeee, I feel just like a jugde:$ Hahaha. Well, Emma Stone.. I don't know why, I never like red with pink in combination.. But here it doesn't bother me at all! The only thing I'm questionng about is why the big pink thinks in the middle of the dress, isn't just a bow! That would've looked great?! Her heels, I think she should've choose for pumps without a poiting front..
 Look 1: casual, summery but not to cold. I understand why people this look is ugly and for yourself in your own time, but I think this is really pretty with that heels, and if you wear a pretty make- up look with like brown eyeshadow and stuff, I think that'll look amazing, just really casual but pretty!
 Look 2: classy Taylor! I love this look, I just can't say I don't! the jacket is kind of edgie, but still classy! She wears it closed, which I think is just right for this look with the cute skirt. The shoes, I again would understand if people think it's ugly, but if you wear them right, it's so. pretty! No heels, just shoes like this!
But I must say.. If you have really short legs, I think you should go for heels with this look then..
 Another look 3: Taylor again. Well, this is cute, but not outstanding. Get me? The skirt is really beautiful in red, and I think that looks good with her pale skin, but the shirt in it is just too casual for the skirt which I think is a shame.. The bag she has looks great with it, I must admit. The pastel shoes are also very cute, wish they would fit me right..

Well that was I think about this looks I've gotten sent, I answered it here! Hope you like it, leave comments about what you think!
Which is the prettiest?!

One more thing! Please go check my best friend Marjolijn's fashion blog ! It's really amazing and you can see so much of beautiful lookbooks and stuff! www.fashionablerouge.blogspot.nl

X Maartje

zondag 7 april 2013


Number of bad luck.. They say.

I have a reason why I call all my things after 13..

It's the lucky number of Taylor Swift, her birthday is on December 13th, that's the day I lost my mother..
I associate a lot in this, but Taylor's album is called RED, and the favourite colour of my mother was RED..
My song for her is called 'Loving her was RED..' 
After Taylors album and everything I think involved with RED and 13.

                                         I know that I associate to much maybe, but it's weird right?!
There are a lot of things here which are making me think a lot... 13 is becoming a special number to me, I'm not going to say it's my lucky number, but the associations with RED, 13, Taylor and my mother are really important to me, I'll never forget about that..

RED is getting the colour which I see in my life more and more, I always loved that colour, but now especially.. RED is making me think about what life is, and what life was..
RED makes me feel like the one I love is not the most important thing to think about..

Love is something I really have hard times with.. But this summer wether is giving me more confidence and music can make me feel like I can be independent, and then I come back again to that beautiful quote!

I also love the songs on RED, they're just so true and I know I always can fall back on them, that's important for me to know.. And I do now..

X Maartje

Youtube singing?

So I got a youtube channel, with like bad quality but that doesnt matter to me:p
Today I posted a video about my blogspot and I thought for you guys, maybe it's fun to publish some of my videos here! My channel is www.youtube.com/MileySwiftLove  
If you like, subscribe!

My video about my blog on here!

Me singing All Too Well by Taylor Swift

Instant Alibi, the band where I'm the singer of!
(Knocking on heavens door regea, Paradise city and The final countdown!)

My first video, me singing Hey Stephan by Taylor Swift
Hope you like it, let me know blogs you would like to see in a comment! :D
X Maartje

zaterdag 6 april 2013

Review: O.P.I 'Jade is the new black'

I went to the Sephora today, and bought a new polish from the collection of O.P.I
The colour I bought is 'Jade is the new black'
This colour it is! Pretty army, right?!
It's a pretty army colour, and the O.P.I polishes are great, they stay on forever and they stay pretty!

It doesn't need much layers to get a pretty full nail of the colour.
If you want to mate the colour down, keep blowing your breath close to your nails, when they're still wet. They'll become mate instead of shiny!

I think this colour is pretty for summer, spring and autumn!
Autumn: the real fresh colour, which isn't been seen anymore because of the leaves falling down..
Spring:  the flowers are coming back and this army colour is the colour which is totally hot this spring!
Summer: fashion will be followed, this colour is pretty, pretty pretty!

                                                    Here a few photo's from it! Sorry for the quality..

                                                  See what I did there, my middle finger is mate!
                                              Also shiny is pretty, it'll look like this down here:
                                                                         From top!


                                                         The pretty colour on number 10!

Thanks loves, x Maartje