zaterdag 8 juni 2013

HENK the giraffe at Paris

I went to the city of fashion and love, Paris!
I am gonna tell you all about it, but our friend Henk had been there too, and if you see the pictures, I think it'll explain itself hahah!
Fashion, love and other Paris stories will be on here soon, but enjoy Henk first this week!
X Maartje
 Above here is Henk with Philip, our teacher, I think they'll marry soon! Don't ya think?
Down here is Henk with Gijs, and Philip. Everybody loves Henk!

 And the picture up here is Henk who is being the GPS navigation for the bus, it worked out great.. Down here you see the lovebirds again, can't you just feeeeel the love?

 Rik is on the pictures up and down here with Henk, down here is Henk's make over! Keep it, or lose it? Tell us in the comments below!

 Me up here with Henk and Rik and down here you see Kito, he's being very attrected to Henk, oeeeehhhhh

 Henk is looking out of the windooooow
Let us know what you think of Henk, will he be the new mascotte of our school? Will he marry Philip? Will he keep his make over look?
Or will Henk just return to Paris sometime and stay with Napoleon...?

Let us know what you think about Henk, and I'll let you know for sure about Paris without Henk soon;)

X Maartje

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Anoniem zei

Henk should've kept his look, and he is gonna marry Philip, yeah definitely! Henley should not be the mascot of your school, he must be the whole school, henk is awesome.