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It's the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas and Sinterklaas in Idaho

Long time no see guys!
I am so so sorry about that. In this blogpost I want to tell you about my Christmas and Sinterklaas here in Idaho.

But before I start, I promise that I will soon tell about the next couple of things:
(Coming up blogposts:)
-Yellowstone with pictures
- My host family with pictures
- Thanksgiving weekend
-Homecoming with pictures
-New years eve

These 5 blogposts will show up in the next week. I am on Christmas break, so I'll update you about the few subjects I already experienced, and the new ones: Christmas (this post) and New years eve!

I will soon make a video about Sinterklaas too because I filmed a part of it. What we did that day:
I woke up and waaaited for a long time. It was december 5th, the day of Sinterklaas. For you who don't know what that is: Sinterklaas in Santa Clause's brother. He comes with his steamboat, horse and little helpers: zwarte pieten. Zwarte Piet actually means 'Black Pete'. These helpers became black because they drop presents in your show through the chimney. This is a few days before december 5th. On the 5th they knock on your door and run away. They leave you a big sack of presents if you have been good. Otherwise you have to go back to Spain with them in the sack.

When it was finally about 5 pm, Trevin, my little hostbrother (11) found out that Sinterklaas had put presents by our Christmastree. We all went upstairs and there was a poem. It said that we all got to open 2 presents.
We ate pepernoten (little hard cookies) and all different kinds of Sinterklaas food.
Kimberlie and Amber both got an Amsterdam winter hat. The one was pretty pink, and the other one was light blue. Logan, Trevin and Ryan all got wooden shoes. Haha. No they were slippers that looked like wooden shoes. They were orange, black and traditional yellow.
Logan also got a Heineken beer mug with 'Amsterdam' instead of the word 'Heineken beer'. Ryan had a calendar with famous paintings of Johannes Vermeer on it. Amber got (I don't even know how to say this) baking tins(!?) that looked like tulips.
Trevin opened a knex car and Kimmi got eyeliner and nailpolish.

Sinterklaas was awesome:) after that we went to a winter fantasy fair with a lot of pretty decorated christmas trees. We ate pizza and had a fun day!

In one word amazing! Christmas Eve we went up to Rexburg, grandma en grandpa live there. This was my hostmom's side of the family. We were all together and had fun. We ate dinner and opened presents. I got mickey mouse pj pants and two hats and a scarf. I also got Sally Hansen miracle gel nailpolish, which is really awesome too!
That night we got a lot of snow, which was the best! We still got a white Christmas!

The next morning on  december 25th, I woke up at 6. Shadow was rolling in the snow after I let him outside. I went downstairs and everybody was already there exept my host parents. Logan woke them up and we started opening gifts. It was so awesome! Look what I got!!!!
Especially the pink cowboy boots! Those are the best! Also the blanket (you can barely see it because of all the other stuff) iaa an awesome gift. My hostmom Amber, Trevin and grandma Mangum worked on it! Isn't it amazing!?
I'm so spoiled this day:$
But it was the best Christmas ever.
After we opened the presents, Scott, my older hostbrother came to visit. Everybody in the house was asleep when he came in haha.
After everybody woke up, we gave him presents and he gave us presents too.
A few hours later, the same thing happened with grandma Mangum. She visited with her dog.
When it was about 6, me and Amber went to town to see if any place was open so we could get dinner, but nothing was opened. We ended up eating home made french fries:)

It was the best American Christmas I could imagine. I hope you liked reading about it!

See you soon

X Maartje

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