woensdag 31 december 2014

My hostfamily

Hey there, new years eve!
2014 has been an amazing year!
Soon this week I will write about what I did at New Years Eve here in Idaho!
Currently I'm listening to the Dutch Top 2000 @ Radio 2.
Still a little bit of Dutch in my day today. I miss the Netherlands today. I'm really happy here, but I am happy there too.

Today I'm going to tell you a little bit about my hostfamily!
It's the most amazing hostfamily ever. I am so lucky that I am placed here, it couldn't be better.
My hostfamily does this for the first time this year, hosting a family for EF. They told me that they looked at all the applications without the pictures. My hostdad, Ryan, didn't want to pick an exchange student  by the looks.
I heard they chose me around the beginning of July. Some people hear it really soon, some really late. I came here in Idaho at July 30th, 10:30 pm Mountain time zone. I am eight hours apart from the Netherlands. It's eight hours later here in the U.S.

In my family I have 5 people and then there is me. So total: 6.
Amber, my host mom. Ryan, my host dad. Logan, my older host bro. Kimberlie, my younger host sis. And Trevin, my younger host brother.
My siblings are 18, 16 and 11.
It's an amazing family and there's nothing I don't like about them.

This is a picture of me, Ryan and Kimmi. We were in West Yellowstone a few weeks ago. I always really like those family moments. When you're just with the family, you know? We had that a lot to when I was in the Netherlands.
Family is important, so that's why I'm so happy with both my family back home, and my family here in my new home<3.

This was in Yellowstone too, the old faithful geyser was one of the things I showed in the West Yellowstone National Park Vlog! If you didn't see the video yet, scroll down a bit through my blogposts, and there it is:).
On this picture you see all the kids in the family. Kimmi on the left, then Trevin, Logan, me.

It was so windy up there! Whis was at a really pretty waterfall. These are my host parents:)
Ryan, Amber, me.

I would want to explain more about my family... But it's kind of hard to put personalities in a blogpost. I could do it, but it would be more fun for you guys to maybe really see them. I'm thinking about making a video. To ask them all how they like the exchange year so far. You guys could see them, and learn a little bit about their experience with me. I hope they would also like to make such a video with me! I still have to ask them hehe.

All of them really like motor cycles. When we went camping the second week I was in Idaho, they were all riding their motorbikes, and I was with either Kimmi or Amber at the fourwheeler (quad). 
They also like to do things with the family, like I just explained. There are a lot of moments when we do stuff together with just the family.
All of them can either sing or play the piano, or both. I really love music as you all know; and they do too. That's a really nice thing to share, I think:)

This picture was at the Idaho Falls Airport, when they picked me up. I really hope I kind of made a good impression that day haha. I really don't remember if I was really quiet or not? I was so tired, but I tried to be the best I could be!

I really love my family, and I'll keep in touch with them after I leave Idaho in June.. 
I'm closing this year, 2014, with the half of my exchange year. Five more months to go! It is going so fast, but that's a good thing!
Time flies when you're having fun!
This is the last blogpost of 2014, I love you all guys!
I hope you have the best 2015!
I'll see you soon with the experience of my New Years Eve!

Happy New Year, and good luck in 2015!

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