zondag 5 mei 2013


Week of vacation now,
I admit I needed it, so much! But I'm done with it now..
Got this title by Armin van Buuren's new album, 'Intense' but what I meant to associate with this, is that I got an intense feeling right now..
Very awkward, but I miss, how you guys call him, 'the guy with the relationship' very much.

That I post this here, wow.. Didn't see that coming but I'm being completely honest with  you guys. I really do miss him, but it's not making the last week of my vacation being better..

So what I thought is sharing some ideas to forget about what your thinking of! It'll never work 100% but I guess it'll make you feel better than do nothing and eating chocolate!

1. Go ahead and feel the summer with this beautiful warm summer life outside! You can go for a picknick, sun bathing, laying on the ground, read something or listen some music (Intense maybe?;) )! You'll get a tan and become less frustrated, believe me:)

2. Go shopping, always works!

3. Go see a movie after you got dinner with your best friend!

4. Maybe you can go out for a walk, alone or with friends. Just what you prefer.

5. Make your nails galaxy after my galaxy nail art tutorial:D it's really distracting doing your nails because your focused, and because it takes a while, your day'll be over before you know!
6. You can make fun pictures or videos with friends! Always fun, inside or outside!

Yeah well I don't know, you can always do other things like baking a cake, call your best friend, go get icecream or something else! I just see sun and I think outside, but if you know things to do inside you like very much like singing with your piano, just do what you feel like!

At last I got some tracks from 'Intense here below for you guys, I think it's a great album, you should listen to it! Enjoy!
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