maandag 20 mei 2013

La la la love!

I get why girls can play hard to get, but WOW it's hard to play!
Haha to be in love is just hard, whyyyy! Love is a weird thing..
I love the feeling when you're around someone and you get that happy feeling, a safe feeling that you know you can trust eachother and just be who you are..
I just want to make a picture like this when I have a boyfriend! So cute:)

I would die if I had a boyfriend who didn't trust me! I think trust is the most important thing in a relationship, right?! You shouldn't be ashamed of anything! 
But you know, missing someone in the way you love them, is killing:')
I just had two weeks of vacation and I was somewhere else then, again: 'the guy with the relationship' was.. Okay this is annoying, let's give him a name, because evrytime I say something about him, you'll know I mean that guy! The name I give him now is... Uhmm.. John. Argh, bad name... But I keep it on John.
When I missed John, I just kind of died.. Omg this is awkward. But yeah, I just knew even more how much I care about him and how I feel! And then you have to survive alllll those days without him.. Sounds desperate, but people with a strong crush or a boyfriend get me I guess..
John, I can say, is the person who can make me feel everything.. Like from very happy, to very sad.. Don't like to say that.. But there are times, mostly when I don't understand him, when he makes me sad:(
Again, love is a weird thing!
To update you about my love life, it's getting much clearer for me now! John told me some things which made me understand him better and make me not feel so misunderstood so many times! Haha now I look back at myself over this year, I was just so desperate and weird! Wow! Hahahah just not OK hahaha.

But know I kind of know how it goes, and he might break up with his girlfriend.. But then, I got to wait for kind of a long time, because it would be weird if I just started a relationship, the moment when he breaks up, get me?
So I don't know how everything's gonna be but I know I just made this post really weird and it doesn't say anything at all.. But I know some things for myself clearer now..
And what the moral of this story was.. Well yeah, be aware.. Don't let your love change you, because people have to love you for who you truely are! Ofcourse you change all over your life, but that just happens, that's not something you do on purpose!
Every love is hard, but when you get the right one, you know you'll make it through! I promise it'll work out.
There are ofcourse people who divorce, and that can be hard.. But if I'm gonna think of that now.. Haha I just don't need to, I'm young.. I'll get there!
Just live the life as good as I can, and see where life brings me:)

X Maartje

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Anoniem zei

Did you ever change for someone?
Do you change now, for John? Does he love you?
I think what you said here is very important, it gives me hope, and I like to see you post more personal stuff, but the TAG's I like too!

Maartje zei

No, I never changed. Nor for anyone, nor for John. I thought he might like me, but I'm not sure anymore:( I am a stupid girl I guess.. I care about him so much, I don't want to ruin it..
Thank you so much, means a lot!
Thank you!
X Maartje