zondag 28 april 2013

Galaxy nail art tutorial

Hey guys I have a little tutorial for you!
I was bored so I made myself galaxy nails!
And it's really simple, so I'm gonna try to explain it as good as possible to you!

Here's all you need! A dark glitterish colour, a top coat, a silver polish, a light polish (I took gargantuan green grape by O.P.I), a white polish, a bright polish ( I took a red colour by claire's) and a glitter topcoat (I used a golden glitter one  by HEMA). You also need a little piece of a make - up sponge and a pencil with a sharp point, Instead of the pencil you can use a nail art pen either!

 Let's start up with the base. As your nails are all un-polished, you're gonna apply two thin layers of your dark glitterish colour! I used number 15 by W7. Let it dry througly, otherwise the rest of your nail art is gonna fail and it'll be less pretty.
 When your nails got dry, you get your make- up sponge piece, this you're gonna use to apply the galaxy forms and I'm gonna tell you how.
 You pick your silver polish and put it all over your sponge. you push with your sponge a few times on random places on your nails. This is giving your nail a galaxy look and you bright colour will appear better and brighter.
 As soon as that is dry, you get your bright colour and put it also on your make-up sponge. you push it a little over your silver places, and a little next to that, you see it'll look a lot like galaxy by then!
 The same you're gonna do with the light colour, to fill your nails a little. Make sure you still see the base coat a little bit!
 Yeah, we're gonna make the stars now! pick your white colour and your pencil or nail art pen, and put little white dots in different sizes all over your nails, make sure you don't put too much dots.

 Dry, dry, dry! And when that's done, top coat! It'll look more glamoury, the colours will look brighter and with more depth. Haha the gravity in space will show all over your galaxy nails;)
 You can leave it like this, or you can put the glitter top coat all over your nails, it'll give a more spacy look but you can leave it out if you want!
Now you're done! I hope you liked the tutorial! Sorry that I don't have pictures of the nails during all of this, the next time I will put them in, but this time I completely forgot about that!
Hope it worked out, leave comments if you have ideas for me, or if you tried this, did it work out?! You can leave a picture also if you want!
Much fun!
X Maartje

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Anoniem zei

So pretty! Would you post another naill tutorial with something cute, bows, hearts, feathers, animals, or something girly?
I would really love that! It may also be with dark colours, but something chique!
Really, really pretty!!!

Maartje zei

Thank you so much! Yeah I will, I think in a month I'll post another one, I'm gonna search a girly cute one for you! X Maartje