zondag 21 juli 2013

Happy go Beauty! by Tom Sebastian

Hey guys!

I just bought this amazing book, Happy go Beauty! by Tom Sebastian, and I want to tell you ALL about it because it is amazing! This is what it looks like, and I just can't stop reading it!

It is full of advices from Tom Sebastian, who's a beauty stylist. You can read all about your beauty and inner beauty, It tells you how to look great on pictures, how to be happy and healthy and with that, pretty!
Also like the way how it is written, it's like he's telling you all about it.

I just got this book, and there are a lot things in it which I can try out and post about it, would you guys like it? If I post things I got out of this book?:)

What kind of things can you find?

* Looks: what should you wear on pictures?
* Recipes for healthy smoothies, and cleansing masks
* How to pose for the camera
* Mind and Body ( smile, massage, control your energy, yoga and meditation)
* Beauty basics ( what you need)
* How to find your personal style?
* One whole chapter for MEN! They also deserve things like this! Clothing, mani- pedicure, health  and things like that!
* Healthy stuff
* Sex! Erotic massages and stuff like that!

And a lot more!

Tom also is great with hair, is there anything this man CAN'T do?!

Here some pictures of the man behind the book, I just adore him. Whát an amazing and gorgeous man!
What do you think about this man? My opinion is very clear. I'm very impressed by everything he does, and that's why I follow him on Facebook and YouTube! His social media links are down below this post!

Down here some things I found! He also sells stuff like this, he has his own hair- line!

More pictures of beautiful Tom

Here just another picture of beauty

I don't know very much about this book yet, I just got it but I couldn't wait to get it! If I find more inspiring stuff out of this book, I'll let you know! 

Would you like a post about Tom Sebastian himself?
And another posts about thing of this book?
Let me know in the comments!

If you have any questions about this for me, leave a comment!
And if you want to know more about Tom Sebastian, you can find him on this social media:
Facebook: Tom Sebastian (LIKE!)
Youtube: youtube.com/bytomsebastian
Site: tomsebastian.com
Twitter: @TomSebastian
Instagram: TomSebastian

Hope you liked this!
X Maartje

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Anoniem zei

Love this post! Would you please post things you did from the book when you did? I would love to know?! Sounds really like a great book! Really, please just post the things you did? And you are right, such a gorgeous man!!

Anoniem zei

Cool, is he on dutch television or am I wrong? I am a man, thinking about getting this book.. but is there only one chapter for men? Or is the rest of it readable for men too.
Well, enjoyed reading this thank you!!