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Summer must haves!

It is summer, and we need to stay classy, and survive the damage of the sun on our skin.
Hey, what can we do to stay healthy, pretty and good looking for summer?

We should start with our natural make up look this summer.
You don't need to wear a lot of make up in summer if you know what I mean. It is hot, eyeshadow might get sticky, and if you're going to swim, a lot of make up will only be annoying and not even pretty in any way.

Summer make up

1. Make your face wet, after you dried it again, put your daily cream on it, it'll stay healthy and won't get dry. I mean like dry skin.

2. BB creme is a must must must have! It covers a bit, makes your skin more equal and gives a boost to the skin too! BB creme also looks very natural, much much better for summer than wearing foundation!

Just my favourite BB cream, by L'oreal Paris!

3. Mascara. Waterproof is ideal, don't wear a lot, just enough to make your lashes stand out a bit, but keep it natural. If you have a light skin colour, wear a dark brown mascara, it'll look very natural and for summer that's perfect!

4. Eyebrow pencil. when you got light brows, or thin brows, you can use the pencil to fill it in, or make them a little darker. Not too much! Remember to stay natural!

5. If you think this all isn't enough, you could wear a blush and/ or a bronzer to finish the touch!

Voilá. The point is just to stay natural in summer, yeah..

Clothing, what?!

It is warm, I don't want to sweat, I don't want to be too naked, what should I wear?!

Shorts and tank tops are always good, but aren't they getting a little normal..?

We should dare a little more and choose cute skirts and sexy dresses!

Also love to see highwasted skirts or shorts this summer!

Just like this ones:

And don't wear too much black, white and grey This time just pick a bright colour like RED, pink, orange?!
Peach orange, mint green and pastel colours are also a must in your wardrobe!

Muscle tee's, dresses, skirts, higwasted shorts? Yeah. Lovely flip flops or so with it, and when you can, heels ofcourse.

Don't forget you bright coloured bikini! Or when you got a light skin tone, don't pick RED, it'll look weird.. just go for some darker blue, purple or a bright pink colour would fit you great.


Bangs? Pretty! But in summer they are just annoying.. In your face, your forhead won't become as tan as the rest of your face, and that day when you'd love to sun bath, your bobby pins are gone.. God!

If you got this problem, put your hair in a tail, bun or braid. You can also keep it loose with this look. get the bangs back, you don't need to tease your hair. get it back, as far as it comes, and put your hand a centimeter or two back forward. bobby pins in, hair spray all over it so it can stay all day long at the beach. Wanna make it look better? braid some little braid back up, and you got a classy look, and your bangs are gone for the day!

No bangs? The length which is awesome this summer, and very fashionable is the short straight cut! Look at this:

With or wthout the colour, but the length ir perfect this summer!!
Got curls or want to curl your hair? This looks just great: little beachy waves, not too curly.

Won't cut your hair? Go for beachy waves, makes your natural look amazingly finished! Look at something like this:

A little blond dye, amazing for summer, just perfect.

Don't forget to end every day with an after sun, aloë vera or something like that!
And are you tired, sweaty? Give yourself a break. Scrub, wash, mask! Manu- pedicure?! Why not! Get your nails done, sit down and relax with some frash fruit and juice! SO delightful <3 !

Hope you guys liked it! Enjoy your summer!

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