maandag 15 juli 2013

Summer hotness

What! I've been away for so long!:(
I am right now baby sitting a cat named Henk, and three horses who are really cute:) their names are Sky, Leroy and Bink. This is because I am in the house of my cousin Lynn, and it's been amazing so far! Friends came over, cooking, living, everything:)

The beach here!

But yeah.. my summer is for so far been great, it's been like two weeks now. We've been dancing till the sun came up! No, actually I did that one time maybe, but that was back home.. and we were not dancing haha.

Let me tell you my life has changed so much in the last few weeks!
At several point, named: LOVE, FRIENDSHIP and LIFE TIME.

LOVE: I am so happy right now. I'm such a lucky girl when I say something about my love life. John and I are doing great, he's the sweetest person I ever met, and he's kind of my best friend out of all the guys. This I say, because ofcourse I have girl- friends too which are my best friends!:)
I feel so happy with John, everything feels just perfect. I am so excited for what's coming on our way through life. I can't wait to tell you more about it!

FRIENSHIP: I truely know who my friends are and who I can trust. I am happy to have such great friends. they are always there for me, and we'll never let eachother down! This sounds very cliche, doesn't it?! But I see when you give people, they give you back, Sometimes they don't, but most of them do. And that makes me happy, I also met someone who is going away now for like ever again, but I'll never forget the way we talked and how some kind of friendship was built!
This was in Paris! Love sun, we had such a great time there!
LIFE TIME: Cleaning my head, summer vacation! Break from school and the business! So happy to be free for a short time:)
I feel much happier inside, sometimes at night I feel lonely or sad.. But I mustn't complain about my life now, I really schouldn't!

This was a weird life update hehe. Hope you guys liked it, and soon I'm gonna search for something better than the no mirror make up challenge tag, because I did it, and it failed:(
Let me know what you want to see!

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