woensdag 10 april 2013

Looks: hot or not?!

So |I found some looks and I am gonna say what I think about it but I would like you to say what YOU think about it! Levae comments:)
This looks are all looks that I won't wear I guess, I don't know why but some of them are pretty, I'll let you know!

First one: which dress is prettier?! I agree with the thumb up for Miley Cyrus, I think that's just a pretty dress. Nice colours, looks good with her skin , figure and eyes. The dress of Christina instead makes her look a little fat I think. The colour makes her a little pale.. Let's say it doesn't make her figure stand out.
 Another one of Miley. Well, honestly I think this dress is really ugly.. I love Miley, don't get me wrong.. But this dress makes her look like she just got no curves, but she does! And that's pretty! The cut outs doesn't flatter her, I think there are too much of them.. If there were just a few of them on her waste, I think it would've looked way prettier! The top of the dress.. Well.. I think it's a pretty good idea, but if it didn't have sleeves, it would've looked so much nicer I guess..
 Next oneeee, I feel just like a jugde:$ Hahaha. Well, Emma Stone.. I don't know why, I never like red with pink in combination.. But here it doesn't bother me at all! The only thing I'm questionng about is why the big pink thinks in the middle of the dress, isn't just a bow! That would've looked great?! Her heels, I think she should've choose for pumps without a poiting front..
 Look 1: casual, summery but not to cold. I understand why people this look is ugly and for yourself in your own time, but I think this is really pretty with that heels, and if you wear a pretty make- up look with like brown eyeshadow and stuff, I think that'll look amazing, just really casual but pretty!
 Look 2: classy Taylor! I love this look, I just can't say I don't! the jacket is kind of edgie, but still classy! She wears it closed, which I think is just right for this look with the cute skirt. The shoes, I again would understand if people think it's ugly, but if you wear them right, it's so. pretty! No heels, just shoes like this!
But I must say.. If you have really short legs, I think you should go for heels with this look then..
 Another look 3: Taylor again. Well, this is cute, but not outstanding. Get me? The skirt is really beautiful in red, and I think that looks good with her pale skin, but the shirt in it is just too casual for the skirt which I think is a shame.. The bag she has looks great with it, I must admit. The pastel shoes are also very cute, wish they would fit me right..

Well that was I think about this looks I've gotten sent, I answered it here! Hope you like it, leave comments about what you think!
Which is the prettiest?!

One more thing! Please go check my best friend Marjolijn's fashion blog ! It's really amazing and you can see so much of beautiful lookbooks and stuff! www.fashionablerouge.blogspot.nl

X Maartje

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Anoniem zei

I think the look of Taylor with the edgie jacket as you call it, is SUPER COOL! The others are not very my style

Anoniem zei

The dress Christina is wearing doesn't make her look fat at all, it's just the way she is standing.. because you're wrong.. (my opinion lol) , i really love the dress and Christina looks amazing in it. I have to confess I love Miley's dress more but Christina doesn't look fat. She doesn't.

Maartje zei

Okay! No opinions are wrong! Thank you for letting me know what you think!:) yeah, I think it's more the colour which is making her a little pale, but it's definetely not ugly!:) X Maartje

Maartje zei

Yeah, really cool look right?!:) thank you ! X Maartje