donderdag 4 april 2013

People can make you think you're worthless.. You are not!

Yeah, I guess we all know that people who say something really sweet to you, and you think; ah okay.. I made friends here:)

The next time they talk to you they're rude and mean to you..
Don't know if they mean to be, but they always seem. And the next time it's really sweet again.


I never know if someone likes me at all, because of things like this..
They give people no confidence.. That's a bad thing!

I think you should stand out, not only for them, but for yourself.. One quote that I love right now is about something like that, it's making me think..

Maybe I should appreciate myself more than I do now.. Life's to short to let everything go..

Pretty, isn't it?! I think Taylor said a great thing here because it's so true. If you're gonna think like that. everyone is gonna see that in how you role.
Maybe it's taking some time, but it'll make you stronger.

X Maartje

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Anoniem zei

This is the life. And you know much about it! I'd like seeing you posting more! Well done.