zaterdag 6 april 2013

Review: O.P.I 'Jade is the new black'

I went to the Sephora today, and bought a new polish from the collection of O.P.I
The colour I bought is 'Jade is the new black'
This colour it is! Pretty army, right?!
It's a pretty army colour, and the O.P.I polishes are great, they stay on forever and they stay pretty!

It doesn't need much layers to get a pretty full nail of the colour.
If you want to mate the colour down, keep blowing your breath close to your nails, when they're still wet. They'll become mate instead of shiny!

I think this colour is pretty for summer, spring and autumn!
Autumn: the real fresh colour, which isn't been seen anymore because of the leaves falling down..
Spring:  the flowers are coming back and this army colour is the colour which is totally hot this spring!
Summer: fashion will be followed, this colour is pretty, pretty pretty!

                                                    Here a few photo's from it! Sorry for the quality..

                                                  See what I did there, my middle finger is mate!
                                              Also shiny is pretty, it'll look like this down here:
                                                                         From top!


                                                         The pretty colour on number 10!

Thanks loves, x Maartje

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