zaterdag 6 april 2013

Perfect rules for living?!

Rules or no rules,
life's weird and that's never gonna change.

Why? I really don't know! I wish I did know..
Actually weird.. I don't know if you guys like this stuff at all, but I like keeping postin'! :P

My rules in life:
1. Stay focused! DON'T lose that, really important!
2. Stay alive
3. Love yourself for who you are. That's right, I said LOVE, not like!
4. Be yourself, the people who are worth your friendship will find you then, y'all happy!
5. Try to take care of everything at your body, you don't need to look like a celebrity, but healthy is important!
6. LIVE, you only live once! (I hate the YOLO thing.. But it's true, you need to make the best of it!)
7. Please yourself sometimes with something you like, you deserve that!
                                                                       Pretty words
                                                                        And so true!

I know so much more things that are great, but it's to many words already!
Love you, x Maartje

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