zondag 7 april 2013

Youtube singing?

So I got a youtube channel, with like bad quality but that doesnt matter to me:p
Today I posted a video about my blogspot and I thought for you guys, maybe it's fun to publish some of my videos here! My channel is www.youtube.com/MileySwiftLove  
If you like, subscribe!

My video about my blog on here!

Me singing All Too Well by Taylor Swift

Instant Alibi, the band where I'm the singer of!
(Knocking on heavens door regea, Paradise city and The final countdown!)

My first video, me singing Hey Stephan by Taylor Swift
Hope you like it, let me know blogs you would like to see in a comment! :D
X Maartje

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Anoniem zei

Your videos are great, I follow them for like ever since you started! More people should! You can sing amazingly good, only the quality... Well, doesn't matter! Keep on going girl!