zaterdag 13 april 2013

My experience with GHOSTS

This was one weird day. Two days ago happened something really weird, and I wanted to share this with you.
First we went doing homework, but when one of our friends went home,
we decided we wanted to do a little thing like getting connected with ghosts or spirits..

We were trying to get connected with people who don't live anymore, weird idea.. I don't know why, but it attracts me, because it seems to be something that doesn't exist!

But we were trying to get connected, and first nothing happened..
We tried another time but still nothing happened.
The next time we asked if there was a ghost in the room, our glass turned to 'YES'. 
We were kind of shocked. 

So than we asked who it was, again our glass started to move, to the letters 'M-A-X'.
Well, kind of fun for Max.. But who was it?! We asked if he was been killed. 'NO'.

Okay, how did Max die then?
We asked that and there it was.. Max told us how he died: 'D-R-U-G-S'.
Why then? 'F-R-I-E-N-D-G-A-V-E-M-E-T-O-O-M-U-C-H'.
We again were kind of shocked, a friend of his just gave him so much drugs he died..

What we wanted to know next was if he was a bad ghost.. 'YES' came out. I kind of tripped. Again we asked it, different way: is this a good ghost? 'NO'.
My friend started to cry, she was really scared and we both wanted to stop.
We heard that you should ask if you may go, otherwise the ghost will be mad or get you madly insane. I heard people died of things like this; REALLY scary!

We asked if we may go, 'NO' got out and we both were really scared something would happen. We asked if there could be a sign if you couldn't go.

The lights turned off.

A scream followed, I hope it was my friend but she said she wasn't. We couldn't see anything, and without asking if we may go, we just stopped because this was getting us too much.
That night we couldn't sleep at all.. Everything we heard was from the ghost, we thought.
At once, we both wake every night at 5:17 AM now, we never don't. It always happened. I hope this is not Max the bad ghost who is trying to get us mad, cause it's really creeping me out..
Do you have any experiences with ghosts or things like that?!
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3 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Oh geez. Yeah I did.
It went wrong, completely. My friend who I've done it with, died.
She was so afraid that she couldn't handle it anymore. She went mad and killed herself .
I also heard only bad ghosts come to an ouija board.
So NEVER EVER do it again, save me, please.

Maartje zei

Wow.. That is not cool!:o She killed herself?! I'm so sorry! I promise, I won't! But please promise me than you won't either! Stay strong, I love you!
X Maartje

Anoniem zei

I did too, I met a good ghost. It was Ernie, he was nice! I spoke to him several times and every time it'd fun! See, ghosts can be cute!