donderdag 4 april 2013

To be loved

The first thing I think about this title is the album of Michael Bublé..
I love his music and I can't wait till it coms out!

But that's not what I wanna say about to be loved..

Love is a thing, that's just hard, painfull and a lot of crying.
It's beautiful when you're with someone you love, but how do you feel when it ends..

I really don't know how that it's like, because I've never been with someone I really love, unfortunately..
 The one thing I know, is that you must choose carefully.. Before you just fall into someone, you must know what kind of person it is, maybe he or she isn't who you think it is.. DONT FORGET TO LOOK BEFORE YOU FALL.
 Sometimes there are times you can't stop love from tearing you apart, sometimes you must let your feelings out, crying isn't bad! If you hold that in all the time, that's what is gonna make you unhappy for soooo long and that's just not what you want, not for yourself, but others will also see that you're not being that girl who everyone knew would make it trough the worst!
Don't let others bring you down, I beg you not to!
I know that it can be so hard, I really know.. Believe me. My experience with love at this moment is like I'm loving, loving and loving and feeling bad about it so many times!
But it's not getting in the way how love should go.. I feel bad about how he feels about me, because you only want to hear the good things,
but I know I should face there's not only gonna be good things about this love, which isn't actually a love, cause I'm kind of alone standing in it..

But I'm not gonna bring myself down, how much I sometimes feel like that, I never will!

X Maartje

4 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Pretty written..
I think that you should do more thinks like this psychological stuff!

Maartje :) zei

Thank you!
Okay I will!:)
X Maartje

Anoniem zei

Wow, just.. Wow!! Amazingly good! The way you write, what you write! Its just wonderful, gorgeous! God I want you in my life, you can love me instead of your not loving back man, love me! I love you and TO BE LOVED!

Maartje zei

Haha thank you so much! I promise I will! Love you too! X Maartje