zondag 7 april 2013


Number of bad luck.. They say.

I have a reason why I call all my things after 13..

It's the lucky number of Taylor Swift, her birthday is on December 13th, that's the day I lost my mother..
I associate a lot in this, but Taylor's album is called RED, and the favourite colour of my mother was RED..
My song for her is called 'Loving her was RED..' 
After Taylors album and everything I think involved with RED and 13.

                                         I know that I associate to much maybe, but it's weird right?!
There are a lot of things here which are making me think a lot... 13 is becoming a special number to me, I'm not going to say it's my lucky number, but the associations with RED, 13, Taylor and my mother are really important to me, I'll never forget about that..

RED is getting the colour which I see in my life more and more, I always loved that colour, but now especially.. RED is making me think about what life is, and what life was..
RED makes me feel like the one I love is not the most important thing to think about..

Love is something I really have hard times with.. But this summer wether is giving me more confidence and music can make me feel like I can be independent, and then I come back again to that beautiful quote!

I also love the songs on RED, they're just so true and I know I always can fall back on them, that's important for me to know.. And I do now..

X Maartje

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TO BE LOVED is great! good title, liked First!
but this one is great.
nice posts and pictures, I totally like the way you write! Gorg!