zaterdag 20 april 2013

My time to judge?!

No. It is totally not.

I hate people who judge! Why don't you keep yourself busy with your own things?! If you have something to say which is gonna help people, like: your hair looks a little weird..
Just because you don't want your friend to walk around with weird hair, that's okay!
But things like that your ugly or weird or nerd, or just rude things that way, just do me a favour and don't say such things....

Men oftenly judge women on their appearence.. You think this is right?! Maybe that girl who looks a little uglier than that other girl, is just the right person for you and you just think: eww...
Women and men have their own inner beauty.. I understand your more attracted to someone who's really pretty but that's just unfair, because if you have a weird nose, there's nothing you can do about it.
If you think plastic surgerie now: NO NEVER AN OPTION! Don't change yourself, people must like you for who you are, and there's always someone on earth who loves you for your heart!
Most people want to change themselves because of judgement.. It takes time to trust yourself that must you are not going to change yourself. I know it, I've been trough it. And now I accept myself more I see that I'm not the ugliest girl who lives, I'm not that girl without friends.. I learned to be more fearless, when you trust yourself, others are gonna trust you. Then you're gonna love yourself, and before that happens, it's sort of impossible for others to love you! Accepting yousrself is very important in your own life story, it's gonna help you thriugh!

How do you see yourself? Do you think your worthless? Do you accept the way you are? Do you think people love you or not?
Leave a comment, I'm curious to know and I'll reply how I think about your comment!

Never let yourself down, help others but always love yourself!
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